Thermal Pollution

Small explanation of thermal pollution

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1) Release of cold water can kill off species of fish and fauna.
The temperatures that can occur can be as low as 50 F, saltwater 75 F, and
Tropical 80 F
2) Warmer water contains less oxygen.
fish and amphibians can be harmed by this as it could cause their metabolic rate to
increase ­ resulting in food being used up in a shorter time.
Fish may migrate, and other species move in ­ competition for resources begins.
biodiversity might be at risk
functions such as osmosis and metabolism might be affected.
Increase of algae = less oxygen in water
Denaturing of enzymes
The temperature can be as high as 70 Ft for freshwater, 80 F for saltwater, and 85
F for tropical fish at the point of thermal pollution


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