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Outline and evaluate two or more therapies used in the treatment of schizophrenia. (8+16
Chemotherapy involves taking drugs that alter levels of various neurotransmitters. They do this by
blocking receptor sites, inhibiting reuptake or improving the breakdown of molecules in order to
relieve the symptoms of Sz. The first…

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Recent research has shown that people are much more likely to recover fully in in the third world than
they are in western, modern societies. The WHO organisation completed two long term studies on
people suffering from schizophrenia in different cultures. The results showed people had better long
term outcomes…

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changing their behaviour. This blame could actually make symptoms worse, for example people may
hear voices of others blaming them for their dysfunctional behaviour.
It is also reductionist as it is reducing the complexity of schizophrenia so that it is only due to cognitive
causes and can therefore only be…


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