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Theory and Methods: Social Action Theories
Introduction: SAT believe that the way to understand society is not to start @ the top but at
the bottom ­ analysing the way ppl interact w/each other they do not construct a grand
theory but sketch out rules of interaction ­ these approaches sometimes known as
phenomenological approaches explore day to day routine actions that most ppl perform as
see how society is created from these routines
Symbolic Interactionism
Derived from MEAD & BLUMER
Both Marxism & functionalism…read more

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Based on similar ideas in that he considers how ppl view themselves & the fact that
they then project an image of themselves
He suggests ppl work out strategies in dealing w/others and constantly manipulate &
alter these strategies
Simply put he sees life as a script w/ppl interpreting their roles
Evaluation of symbolic interactionism
Provides a rich insight into how ppl interact in small scale situations, however this
limits its scope
Can be seen as very psychological rather than sociological
Fails to explore wider…read more


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