Theorists and theories for collective identity and representation

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Media theorists and theories of representation and implications of media.
Deviancy amplification spiral
A cycle of increasing number of reports on a category of anti-social behaviour or some other
undesirable event, leading to moral panic.
Moral Panic
Society seems to be subject every now and then to periods of `moral panic', a condition, event,
person or group of persons emerges to be defined as a threat to societal values. Their nature is
presented in a stylized and stereotypical fashion by the mass media.
The ideologies of the ruling class are inforced through subtle and common sense messages in order
to maintain their political dominance.
Stuart Hall
Representation is a very different notion from relection, it implies the active work of selecting and
presenting; of structuring and shaping, not merely the transmitting of an already existing meaning,
but the active labour of making things mean.
Youth become an empty category inhabited by the desires and fantasies of the adult world. It is not
with in the interests of adults to present youth in a positive way.
Ideological State Apparatus
How we keep people in check and suppressed without force: In modern capitalist society the
education system has replaced the church as the main ideological state apparatus
Media has some influence on how people understand identities
Mean world syndrome
A phenomenon whereby violence related content of mass media makes viewers believe that the
world is a more dangerous place than it actually is.
Cultivation theory
The repetitive pattern of the medias mass produced messages and images influence our
understanding of the world
Order has a key function to reproduce itself. Youth in crisis, youth gone wild is a central site in which

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It involves the constitution of the normal adult and the
normal youth and the relationship between two. The deviant youth helps patrol the boundries.…read more


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