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Ecological Theory of Sleep

AO1 sleep is an adaptive mechanism for survival, and that an animal's sleep pattern will depend
on the ecological niche it inhabits. One account of this theory is Meddis, whom suggested that sleep
was a form of protection, avoiding predators by staying still when they have…

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Restoration Theory of Sleep

AO1 The restoration theory of the function of sleep suggests that sleep is to allow replenishment
of the body's biochemical and physiological processes that progressively degrade during the day.
One account of the function of sleep is Oswald's strand, whereby he suggests that being awake

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due to the methodology (rotating platform and water), the experiment had confounding variables,
such as the obvious stress that the experiment would have caused the rats. Stress causes cortisol
secretion, ad plenty of research has shown that cortisol secretion over a long period of time can have
harmful effects. So…


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