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The Maintenance and dissolution of
· Homans (1961) claims that all human
relationships are seen as business transactions
­ the `merchants' are motivated by `self interest'
in order to strive to get the best `deal'.
· Therefore we aim to get maximum rewards at
minimum costs.
· It is assumed that if a relationship is to be
maintained then we expect to be rewarded as
much as we reward.…read more

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Exchange Theory cont....
· Thibaut and Kelley (59) ­ long term relationships go
through 4 stages.
· 1 ­ Sampling ­ costs and rewards of associating with
others are explored.
· 2 ­ Bargaining ­ a process of negotiation in which
rewards and costs are agreed.…read more

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Exchange Theory cont....
· 3 ­ Commitment ­ Exchange of rewards and acceptance
of costs stabilise. Greater focus on the relationship.
· 4 ­ Institutionalisation ­ Norms and expectations are
· SBCI ­ an acronym to help remember the stages…read more

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Exchange Theory cont....
· E.G. an ugly rich man values beauty in a woman and a
beautiful poor woman values money in a man ­ the
relationship between the two is an exchange.
· Homans = behaviourist view thus believed we repeat
what rewards us and avoid what punishes us.
· Therefore if you find something unpleasant = cost, if you
find something pleasant = reward.
· Individual differences = we don't all find the same value
in things.…read more

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Exchange Theory cont....
· E.G. We each may value the same thing differently at
different times of the day or depending what mood you
are in ­ hungry then food will be valued as high, full ­
food will be valued as very low.
· Theory helps us to predict that an individual will remain
in a relationship as long as it generates enough positive
outcomes ­ what is a positive outcome?????? ­
individual differences!!…read more

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Exchange Theory cont....
· Thibaut and Kelley (59) - also need to take factors such
as previous experiences into consideration.
· E.G. a relationship will depend on previous relationships
and what one expects or feels they deserve from a
relationship.…read more

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