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Sociology ­ Family



Tiger & Fox (1972) claim it is natural for people to form and live in families.
They also argue that gender roles are biologically determined ­ men are
cut out to be breadwinners and women to adopt the caring, domestic role
because that is the…

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Talcott Parsons (1955) suggested that the nuclear family is becoming more
and more socially isolated and geographically further from extended kin,
e.g. aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. He suggests that this is
bringing the nuclear family closer together as they are not really close
with anyone else, plus the fact that…

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1) All domestic duties and care of family members should be carried out
by neighbourhood services run by both sexes.
2) Disappearance of class divisions would integrate all citizens
developing family life and individual self-realisation.

Women are a good reserve army of labour because they are cheap and
exploitable labour.…

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pregnancy and childbirth & financially independent from men. Firestone
argued that this system would generate intimate relationships between
household adults + children, instead of uncaring parents neglecting their
children. There should be no taboos over sexual relationships between
people of any age or gender. Also, long compulsory education could be…

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independence as a result of feminism. Women have been creating new
types of families that better suit their needs, such as the divorce-extended

Beck ­ `risk society' and the negotiated family. The patriarchal family has now
been replaced by the `negotiated family'. We now live in a risk society…


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