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- Everyone knows everyone
- Atticus is related to nearly everyone in Maycomb, through blood or marriage
- Maycomb is very hot
- Based on Monroeville in Alabama, where Harper Lee grew up
- Maycomb is resilient to change
· even snow is rare
· suggests it will take…

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Racism and Intolerance
-Most whites see blacks as inferior

-Characters use racist words without a thought.

Even Scout says 'Nigger' until Atticus tells her not too.
She then points out everyone else uses the word.
Most characters don't actually see these words as offensive.
They take it for granted that…

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When it was written racism was still around, she challenged it with the book.
Racism and Intolerance 2)
- Tom's trial is the focus of the book.
-Atticus is prepared to stand up against prejudice

Atticus believes Tom to be innocent.
He calls racism Maycombs 'unusual disease'. He realise how…

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-Atticus thinks empathy is really important.

Teaches Jem and Scout that you can't understand someone unless you have stood in their
shoes and considered their point.
Originally Jem and Scout hate Mrs Dubose but after they learn she was only nasty because
she was suffering so much, they begin…

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You start of disliking characters like Mayella Ewell but then you realise the other side of
them. Mayella is very lonely her red geraniums show she wants a better life.

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Childhood and Growing Up
-Scout, Jem and Dill Learn about Life.
The children find out people aren't always what they seem.
Near the end of the book Scout gets Boo to take her arm so it looks like Boo is helping her
along the street, so they won't realise she's…

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-Scout doesn't like school.

Miss Caroline Fisher tells her off for being able to read and write.
Miss Gates doesn't see how Hitler's persecution of the Jew is similar to blacks treatment
whereas Scout can
Tries to get off school by swearing to make out school is a bad…

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Aunt Alexandra changes too. Originally she was against Atticus defending Tom but when
he loses she seems genuinely sorry for Tom Robinson.

Family and Social Class
-It's very important in Maycomb, which family you belong to
-It's impossible to escape your family background.
-Some people don't fit into their family.…


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