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Treats dying people like playthings, no remorse
Deluded, thinks the lady is just sleeping
Unsentimental about death, which mirrors the brutality of the natural world.
My last duchess
Killed her because of jealousy
"I gave commands"
He says that "All smiles stopped" and now she's almost alive in her…

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"made luv like vee rowing through Putney" amusing makes their relationship
seem playful and affectionate.
Les Grands Seigneurs
Her past relationships were romantic and fun shown by language of courtly love
She looks back on past relationships as protectors she was the "queen" or "damsel"
This has changed in marriage…

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related to an animal, not valued doesn't have pride or confidence.

Checking out me History
Culture and History
He is "carving out" his identity by finding out about his cultural roots knows his white
background not black. "Nanny Maroon and Mary Seacole"
He's blind because it's stopped him connecting…


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