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Employment structures
27 March 2014 00:39
Theme 3 Page 1
Heavy industries Availability of raw materials determines
Different Industries:
location. Light industries/Footloose
Can locate anywhere.
These industries extract raw materials directly from the sea/earth. E.g. coal
These industries process and manufacture products from raw materials. E.g.
These industries provide a service. E.g. teacher/nurse/shop keeper.
Incorporate a high degree of research and technology in their process and employ highly
qualified people E.g. biotechnology/computer programming.…read more

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The rise and fall of coal
27 April 2014 21:14
Multiplier effect: the knock on effect after an initial affect.
Coal mines close > Jobs lost > Less money in area> Businesses close > More competition for
jobs > Increase in crime > Increase in divorce > Young people leave village for work > Elderly
left > Village derelict
*Background of coal mining in the UK
Coal mined throughout coalfields. Many coalfields throughout UK differing in size.…read more


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