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General Theme 2 Notes
27 March 2014 00:39
Theme 2 Page 1…read more

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Weather and Climate
15 April 2014 14:42
Describe the differences between weather and climate and understand the factors that
influences climate.
Weather is the day to day changes in the atmosphere.
Climate is the long term pattern of weather in an area over 30 years.…read more

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Britain receives relief rain throughout the year because
a) South westerly prevailing winds which come from the Atlantic Ocean warm moist air. b)
Mountains along the coast which force air to rise and cool.…read more

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Frontal rainfall
15 April 2014 15:34
(Fronts come from when armies go to fight. Think of fronts as a war.)
Fronts occur where two air masses meet.
Warm fronts:
1. Warm air rises over a mass of cold air. 2. As the air lifts into regions of lower pressure, it
expands, cools and condenses into clouds. Cold fronts:
1. They are usually associated with depressions. 2.…read more


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