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The part of working memory that deals with spoken and written material. It can be used to
remember a phone number. It consists of two parts
· Phonological Store (inner ear)
Linked to speech perception. Holds information in speech based form (i.e. spoken
words) for 12 seconds.
· Articulatory control process (inner voice)
Linked to speech production. Used to rehearse and store verbal information from the
phonological store.…read more

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· This model has been extremely influential and most cognitive psychologists now use
working memory in preference to the using the STM.
· It is a much more plausible model than the multistore because it explains STM in
terms of both temporary storage and active processing.
· It also incorporates verbal rehearsal as just one optional process within the
articulatory loop instead of being the sole means of transferring information as
suggested by Atkinson and Shiffrin.…read more


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