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The working memory model
The four different components:

Central executive
Visual-spatial sketchpad
Episodic Buffer
Phonological loop

Central executive
Controls the three slave systems as seen in the diagram above
Used for problem solving and decision making
Acts as an attention system, deciding which information the sense organs should attend to…

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Episodic buffer
The three components of the working memory have recently been revised and a fourth
component, the episodic buffer has been added. It was considered necessary to add this fourth
component because a number of problems were beginning to emerge with the original model:

The three component model had…

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acquire the vocabulary of a new language. In addition, the phonological loop is proving to be a
good predictor of the ability of children to learn a second language.

Visual spatial sketchpad
Deals with visual and spatial information
Represents information in the form if its visual features

Evidence that the…


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