The Women who walked into Doors. Wider Reading. English Lit

This is a spider diagram of what happens in the book, quotes in bold to back up each point. I made this to help for revision for my English Lit revision on the wider reading. Struggle for Identity, it is her over coming an abusing relationship, it addresses motherhood, alcholism, sex, objectifying herself. 

I hope that this helps you with your exams! 

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Preview of The Women who walked into Doors. Wider Reading. English Lit

First 619 words of the document:

She "saw him looking at Nicola"
She is amazed with her resiliance "I threw him
out!" exclamatory. "I felt so good"
"(i) His (i) blood on the floor. My finest hour. I
was there. I was something. I loved.... I was
killing him. The evil."
Climax: Paula kicks out Charlo. prisons detaining people during The NI Troubles.
Alcoholism: puts bottles in shed then throws
away key into garden. Waiting until Jack, Often those in blocks were assossiated with IRA
"Alco. Alco. Paula the alco." youngest, goes to bed to find key & start Political ness. Mentions H blocks often- Charlo against them.
drinking. "chatting away about the world and the H
Wants to tell someone, repetition of "Ask me."
powerful feminist novel. ode to resilience of Carries on "Until I saw him looking at Nicola"
Call as it is as that was her excuse when she
went to hospital with broken parts of body. women, ability to survive & efforts to carve out a Paula trying to reagin dignity after violent, Violent: breaking ribs, limbs, ripping out hair &
haven for themselves and children. abusive marriage & a worsening drink problem. smashing her against walls & floors.
Mother of four, "Nichola (16), John Paul, Leanne,
Eldest son (no.2) , 16; a drug addict & Jack" had a miscarrage. mentally tortured: loses all self-confidence and
disappeared into rough streets of Dublin. accepts role as victim.
"He was messing with me, playing. Like a
Never had an easy ride through life. "I ended up
3 sisters; Carmel (older), Denise, Wendy Female Protagonist: Paula Spencer wanking a good-looking thick in the back of
cat with an injured bird."
(younger) & 3 brothers, Rodger, Edwards & the classroom. That was how you made a
George (younger) name for yourself in 1.6."
"yeh thick"
The Women who walked into doors: Roddy Doyle
Straight forward prose
"fuckin' eejit"
Short four-letter words.
Form & Structure
"Bruised, burnt and broken. Bewitched, Assonance. Plosive- angry.
bothered & bewildered" Begins with Guard (Irish policeman) telling her
Charlo is dead. Killed after a botched burglary
and kidnapping attempt.
In a 17 year abusive relationship with husband, Short sentences. highlights how she tries to control her life in the
Charles Spencer. (Charlo) initially drawn in for simpleness of writing.
sex. "He's a ride" - he respected her, felt like
somebody. In a 17 year abusive relationship with husband,
"Where I grew up ­ and probably anywhere Charles Spencer. (Charlo) initially drawn in for
else- you were a slut or a tight bitch, one or sex. "He's a ride" - he respected her, felt like
the other, if you were a girl ­and usually somebody.
before you were thirteen. You didn't have to
do anything to be a slut. If you were good-
looking; if you grew up fast."
Social Setting: Not rich, Charlo & Paula drink-
"Me then. Gender inequalities: She grew up in an area "my children have gone without food because
The girl who wanked Martin Kavanagh was where the girls are labelled. of my drinking"
five foot three inches tall." nothing- 'the girl' =
innocence, not herself. She was 12.
"good for only sex"


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