The Wife of Bath Key Quotes

Just a list of short key quotes :)

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1. "I hadde hem hoolly in myn hond"
2. "I nyl envye no virginitee"
3. "Lo, heere the wise kyng Solomon hadde wives mo than oon"
4. "Experience though noon auctoritee, were in this world, is right ynogh for me"
5. "Ye wise wyves"
6. "Noble prechour"- Pardoner
7. "Teche us yonge men of your prakitke"- Pardoner
8. "For halfe so boldely kan there no man Swere and lyen as a woman kan"
9. "Deceite, wepying, spynnyng God hath yive to women kyndely"
10. "Women moost desiren to have soveryenetee..maistrie hym above"
11. "Maister of body"
12. "I took him for love and no richesse"
13. "With verray force he wrathed hir maidenhood"
14. "Cast up the curtyn"
15. "Al was fals!"
16. "To speke of wo that is in marriage"
17. "The wo that was in myn heart was and pyne"
18. "that woman was the los of al mankynde"
19. "And sith men are moore reasonable that women, you been moost suffrable"
20. "he hadde enchanted me"
21. "Housbondes at the chirch dore I have hadde fyve"
22. "Twelve year was of age"
23. "Expert in al myn age"
24. "I wolde no longer in the bed abide"
25. "I have martes mark upon my face and in another privee place"
26. "Crist, that of perfeccion"
27. "God bad for us to wexe and multiplye"
28. "No nombre mencion made he of bigamye, or of octogamye"
29. "Gentil text kan I wel understonde"
30. "Welcome the sixte"
31. "to be wedded is no synne/ Bet is to be wedded than to bryne"
32. "Lat us wyves hoten barly breed"
33. "In wyfhood I wol use myn instrument as frely as my Makere hath it sent"
34. "it were for my profit"
35. "the peyne I did hem and the wo"
36. "I shall thee teche" "I taughte this answere unto the knyght"- Hag
37. "Wo was hym, his wyf looked so foule"- Knight
38. "his herte bathed in a bath of blisse"- Knight
39. "I am she which that saved hath youre lyf"
40. "I put me in youre wise governance; Cheseth yourelf which may be moost pleasance"
41. "Venus me yaf my lust"


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