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C7 Revision…read more

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­ Plastics industry, Solvent
· Ethanol
­ Fuel, Dilute in alcoholic
· Meths
­ Methylated spirits,
mixture of methanol
(toxic) and ethanol…read more

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Slow fizzing Fast fizzing No reaction
(b) Why?
Ethanol and water have O-H bonds so react similarly, hexane
has only C-H bonds so does not react…read more

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Ethanol has been made by
fermentation for centuries
· Add yeast to sugar solution in
anaerobic conditions causing
enzymes in yeast to convert
glucose into ethanol and CO2
· Optimum temp = 37C
· Neutral pH
· 15% purity as greater
concentrations of ethanol
denature the enzymes…read more

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· Where do we get ethene from?
· Reactants: ethene and steam
· Products: ethanol
· Conditions: phosphoric acid catalyst , 300C,…read more

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· GM E.coli bacteria
· Gene introduced to bacteria to convert
carbohydrate into ethanol
· Can be used from waste biomass instead of
using valuable plant material (e.g. Sugar cane)
that could otherwise have been used for food.
­ 30-37C
­ pH 6.6
­ 5% pure (then fractional distillation)…read more

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