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Western Rebellion 1549…read more

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What happened?
The rebellion broke out in June in Devon.
It started as a congregation rising against the 1549 Prayer Book,
who were then joined by Cornish men.
The authorities in London were notified by a Devon gentleman,
but the reaction from Somerset was cautious. He did not act
quickly, indeed organising pardons for those involved. It was
only as the French war and due to other social unrest that
Somerset reacted.…read more

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There was a
real feeling
that the
French may
invade or at
least support
the rebellion.…read more

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4,000 rebels died at a final struggle…read more

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Causes of the Western
Rebellion - Religion
· The timing of the rebellion points to a
religious cause, and the fact that it
started as a rising congregation, because
the people were unhappy with the First
Edwardian Prayer Book 1549.
· The Demands of the rebels shows how
they wanted to return the Catholicism;
they resented the use of English instead
of Latin and one article focused entirely
on the return to the Church of Henry VIII'
s reign.
· They marched under the Banner of the 5
Wounds of Christ, as people did on the
Pilgrimage of Grace…read more

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LOACH emphasises that religion was the main
driving force of the rebellion…read more

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