The welfare state under Attlee’s government

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The welfare state under Attlee's government
In June 1941 a committee was set up to study schemes of social
insurance to make society fairer for all
Beverage was the chairman
Protection from the cradle to the grave
Eliminate the five evil giants : want (poverty), disease, ignorance
(under education ), squalor (poor housing), idleness (unemployment)
Insurance for the nation against sickness, injury and unemployment
Centrally funded and regulated system
Acts of Parliament
National Insurance Act: universal and compulsory payments by he
employer, employee and gov out of which payments would be made in
times of sickness
Industrial Injuries Act: cover for accidents that happen at wok
NHS: whole population access to free medical & hospital treatment,
prescriptions, glasses and dentistry
National Assistance Act: boards to deal with hardship and poverty
Education/Butler act: compulsory free education, selection by exam
aged 11
Family Allowances Act: weekly payments for every child after the
first paid directly to the mother
Resistance to the Welfare State
British Medical Association protested
Did not wish to become servants to the gov
Worried about loosing their independence
Form of nationalisation which treated the medical profession as if it
was an industry
a political crusade rather than a practical way of improving health
What happened?
Doctors were guaranteed that they would not lose their private
patients /loose out financially
Self financed through national insurance
However, it could not be foreseen that as people lived longer,
there would be fewer people paying for health care that people
needed the most
By the `50s healthcare costs were spiralling
In '49 it accounted for 4.7% of GDP
By '90 it accounted for 14% of GDP


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