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The Threats To The Weimar Republic
The Treaty of Versailles is the most significant threat to the Weimar Republic
because it increased resentment and hatred towards the Weimar. The left
wing politicians who had signed the treaty were seen as `November
Criminals'. This was because the Treaty was seen as…

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The right wing was also a major threat to Weimar Republic. The right wing
consisted of the Army and the Military. They opposed democracy and
wanted to bring back the Kaiser. Also, they hated the Treaty of Versailles
due to the army reductions. Their aim was to overthrow the Weimar…

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it would happen in Germany too. Furthermore, the weakness of the
Weimar was emphasised by the Spartacist revolt, because the Weimar used
their opposition (the Freikorps) to fight their other opposition (the
Sparatacists). Therefore the left wing played a role in threatening the Weimar

Another threat to the Weimar…


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