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Germany 1919 ­ 1939 ­ The Weimar Republic ­ Answers
1. The Weimar Republic was formed because:
Germany had lost WWI and a new government needed to be formed. In October 1918 Prince Max of Baden formed
Germany's first parliamentary cabinet.
The Kaiser has been forced to abdicate and Germany…

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Often now lived under foreign rule in new countries
Lost colonies
Suffered an economic crisis
Didn't accept guilt for starting the war.
Was left weak and resentful
German anger could lead to trouble in the future. The German's called the treaty a diktat because they had no choice
but to…

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10. Germany missed a reparation payment...
... So the French invaded the Ruhr ­ the richest industrial part ­ to take resources...
... So German workers went on strike...
... So the Government printed more paper money...
... So there was hyperinflation...
... So there were Communist and Nationalist revolts.…

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Culture revolution Opera, jazz, cabaret, modern painting and architecture
Divided opinions some saw it as going against old Germany even more
Way to relax and enjoy stability of country
Gave Germany reputation of an entertaining place Restored its importance in Europe.
Important people in Germany's cultural recovery were:
singer/actress Marlene…


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