The Weimar Republic

An overview of the threats to the Republic during it's early life and and how streseman helped germany recover temporarily

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Threats to the Weimar Republic
Frei Korps
Wolfgang Kapp lead them
They formed as the army had to be reduced by the T of V so when the Allies
put pressure on the government to disband them they fought back.
They joined with the army and police force and attacked…

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This made Hitler realise the best way to gain power was by playing by the rules

How far did Germany recover under
Gustav Streseman
Born on 10th May 1878
Nobel Peace Prize 1926
Died of a stoke in October 1929
Experience politician-Chancellor and foreign Minister
Gifted Orator
Popular Leader…

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Political Stability
Stable Coalition Government
Decline in support for extremists

Foreign Policy
1925 Locarno Treaty ­ The end of the bitterness of the war
Everyone accepted the exisiting frontiers
Mutual defence pacts between France, Poland and Czechoslovakia
Nationalists saw this as an admittance of guilt
1926 Germany joined the League…


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