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The voltage. x…read more

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The battery. x
· The battery made by Volta is credited to have been the
first cell. It consists of two electrodes: one made of zinc,
the other of copper. The electrolyte is sulphuric acid. The
electrolyte exists in the form 2H+ and SO4 2-. The zinc,
which is higher than both copper and hydrogen in the
electrochemical series, reacts with the negatively
charged sulphate. ( SO4 ) The positively charged
hydrogen bubbles start depositing around the copper
and take away some of its electrons. This makes the zinc
rod the negative electrode and the copper rod the
positive electrode.…read more

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The cell reactions. x
· We now have 2 terminals, and the current
will flow if we connect them. The reactions
in this cell are as follows:
· The zinc = Zn -> Zn2+ + 2e-
· The copper = Cu -> Cu2+ + 2e-
· The sulphuric acid = H2SO4 -> H2 + SO4…read more

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The first battery. x…read more


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