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The vice presidency

For many years the office of the vice president has been seen little more than a joke.
John Nance Garner, Franklin Roosevelt's deputy, suggested that the office was not
"worth a pitcher of warm spit".

The office was only created as an after thought by those who…

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However, the `veep' can sometimes be left in the dark about important
issues e.g Roosevelt's vice president did not even know about America
developing an atomic bomb.
They can also seem to be faceless and lack independence on outlook, an
outspoken understudy would be dangerous to the president.
Nixon did…

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South Africa. On these matters Clinton valued his advice. Clinton seemed to feel far
less threatened by his vice president than others had in the past.

In the events leading up to the Iraq war, the label of the `probably most influential
vice president in history' was applied to Dick…


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