The various dangers and risks of golf

If you're doing GCSE PE and you have to get a sport and the risks associated with it, Golf is clearly an obvious one, have fun reading! Sorry I haven't specified specific risks and personal readiness risks but you can figure that out yourself.

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The risks of golf.
There are various risks associated with the sport of golf. Some can be prevented by personal
readiness (simply knowing how to play and preparing personally for the risk) or through other
measures (e.g. preparing equipment, making sure facilities are appropriate)
One risk of golf is the most obvious, getting hit by a ball or club. In the case of the ball, personal
readiness is the key. Always being alert and listening for `FORE' is important when playing as it will
mean you are warned of the risk and can prepare by covering your head. NOT looking out for the ball
is also important as it exposes your head and this is dangerous as golf balls can travel at speeds in
excess of 120mph, thus are deadly. Being hit by a club is another risk. The risk of this can be easily
reduced or eliminated by etiquette. When a player is addressing the ball, other people stand well
back, out or arms reach, and behind the player, in case of an extreme toe or shank where the ball
could travel horizontally.
Another risk in golf is slipping up on muddy or wet surfaces. To prevent the risk of this through
personal readiness, players should be cautious when walking down steep gradients or particularly
muddy or wet parts of the course. Players can also reduce risk by other measures. Players should
purchase golf shoes (possibly winter shoes) in order to attain better grip on the floor and thus reducing
risk of slipping. Also, there is a lower risk of slipping if the player is using a trolley and cart bag rather
than a stand, carry or pencil bag as it is easier to regain balance without a weight on ones back.
Another (admittedly tiny) risk is being struck by lightning. Statistically, golfers are more likely
than any other people to be struck by lightning. Since nature cannot be controlled, personal readiness
is the only way to reduce risk. Golfers should be aware of the risks of lightning before playing, and if
they still choose to play then they should avoid standing under trees, and also avoid holding clubs in
the air for extended amounts of time as these measures make it less likely to be struck.
There are also freak accidents and risks in golf, such as rebounding balls off trees, being
eaten by a crocodile if a ball is struck near a crocodileinfested lake (hey, it has happened) and
driving carts into lakes or off cliffs (this has also happened). These can only be reduced by common
sense, choosing shots that are sensible and take trees out of play, being sensible and cautious when
driving a cart and, if a ball is struck near a crocodile, then take a drop and don't provoke the crocs.
Ben Fenton


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