The USA and Vietnam: Abroad and at Home (1964-1975)

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The USA and Vietnam: Failure Abroad and at Home (1964-1975)

How effective were guerrilla tactics used during the Vietnam War?

Vietnam (as part of `French Indo-China') used to be a French colony. There was a lot of
opposition to the French rule because the people of Vietnam were being…

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American command of the air put the VC at constant risk of attack. To counter this they dug an
extensive system of tunnels, over 250km long. There were underground kitchens, weapons
stores, dormitories, hospitals and rest areas.

Booby Traps
The VC were especially skilled at planting booby traps. These accounted…

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a) Surgical bombing
Key military and industrial targets in North Vietnam were bombed such as
bridges, railway lines, roads, army barracks and supply depots. This was
supposed to decrease supplies from the North to the VC. However, air crews
were not allowed to bomb key cities such as Hanoi and…

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On the 16th March 1968 the troops of Charlie Company, led by Lt William Calley, carried out
the massacre of more than 343 people in just 4 hours in the village of My Lai whilst on a
search and destroy mission. Many other atrocities were also carried out, including rape…

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The first protest against the war occurred in 1964 and was made by students. In 1965 a
student group called the Vietnam Day Committee organised a 36 hour `teach-in' at the
University of California. 30,000 students attended and dozens of leading pacifists gave talks.
In 1965 conscription (or `the draft')…

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In January 1968, the North Vietnamese chose the festival of `Tet', the Vietnamese New
Year, as their time for attack. This allowed them to catch the Americans and South Vietnamese
off guard, as it was assumed that the north would be celebrating as well. IN fact, they had
celebrated two…

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and invaded it: `Operation Breakfast'. He sent troops to attack North Vietnamese in Cambodia.
In Laos communist forces were trying to take over the country. They were supported by the
NVA who used communist areas in Laos to store supplies.

Operation Linebacker (1972-1973)
The VC launched another big offensive at…


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