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The US Constitution

How did the US constitution come to be written?
The original 13 colonies rebelled against the tyranny of King
George III, and after gaining their independence they first signed
the Articles of Confederation, but this soon failed and the
Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, agreeing to the…

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· The Executive Branch: Has the power to veto Congress'
laws, make nominations to the Supreme Court. It also has
many checks; the Court declares presidential acts
unconstitutional, and presides over impeachment hearings.
The Legislative branch has many checks over the President:
Rejecting his legislation, rejecting his budget, overriding his…

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An amendment must first be proposed to two Houses, and they
must vote together on an amendment for it proceed to the states
for ratification. The houses must approve it in a 2/3 majority
before heading to the states. It then must be ratified by ¾ of the
state legislatures,…


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