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Aleesha Hussain
The unexpected

Let's start with a happy ending...

I look around the restaurant and sigh inwardly. They're late. A waitress looks in my direction as I sit
down, stomach grumbling impatiently. The door opens and my heart starts pounding, my damp hands
shaking. Am I ready for this?…

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Aleesha Hussain
The unexpected

last, they fade whenever the sun comes too close." Alex shakes his head "I think that shows courage.
They are at home in a midnight kingdom. They have numbers and beauty, but the sun is brighter and
they know they won't win. But still they continue…

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Aleesha Hussain
The unexpected

Let's start with a new beginning

"So" Alex says, not bothering with hellos "The whole thing with pasty face what was it?" Wait a
minute, pasty face. That's my name. He copied me. Wait. That's not bad actually; I could train the boy
to be my…


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