The unexpected

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Aleesha Hussain
The unexpected
Let's start with a happy ending...
I look around the restaurant and sigh inwardly. They're late. A waitress looks in my direction as I sit
down, stomach grumbling impatiently. The door opens and my heart starts pounding, my damp hands
shaking. Am I ready for this? Then I see them and I relax that every step I've taken towards the last 2
years has been towards this place. I smile, I'm home.
"Sophie, I swear to god if I have to call you again..."Eva trails off. She doesn't have to complete the
threat, I've been hearing since it was five. Because that's when he left. When he decided he'd rather
travel the world with his son than raise his daughter. Five years old when he dumped me to live with
an aunt I'd never met. Not that I'm complaining Eva's practically a second mother. A mother that
expects to be obeyed. I trudge down the stairs grudgingly. Eva's sat down on one of the small chairs
filling it up comfortably. Dad and Alex are both sitting awkwardly on the sofa. They look alike; both
have the same stretched long bodies, the deep blue eyes and the dark brown hair. A million miles
away from my compact body and sprawling mane of red hair. "Shall we go" dad says abruptly looking
guilty, as well he should, I've not seen him for 6 months. "Sure" I hear myself saying. I grab my bag
and turn around just in time to see my dad and Eva being thrown in the back of a van by a group of
big burly men.
I look at Alex and we start running towards the van, but it's moving too fast and we can't keep up.
"We should go home" Alex says unexpectedly, I think it's the first I've ever heard him speak.
"Home?" I repeat incredulously. "Yes, home we need to talk and we can't help them. Not now." I turn
in surprise "Stop that. Stop acting like everything's okay. Don't you care?" my voice cracks. Alex looks
like I've just slapped him "Of course I care. I'm just trying to ..." "What? Trying to what Alex because
you're not helping?" "Sophie" I avoid looking at him "Sophie" I think he might be crying. "Sophie" He's
scared. "Sophie don't freak, but I think there's something on your shoulder" Rolling my eyes I reach
for my shoulder intending to flick off some little creature and start to screech my head off. The thing
on my shoulder looks roughly like a fairy except it's grey has a small round mouth filled with sharp
teeth and a pot belly. I gaze at it for a few seconds until it hisses angrily and flies off. I turn to face
Alex and I can't help it I burst out laughing. His eyes are the size of saucers, his eyebrows practically
disappearing into his hair. "I'm sorry" I say "But this doesn't happen to me, not normally honest" "And
there was I thinking this happened every day in New York." Simon says plucking something out of my
hair. "At least the postal service is good" "What?" I ask confused "It left a message" "What! Well, you
could have mentioned it" I grab the paper out of his hands and start to read it aloud "Meet us at
Ellen's Stardust Diner." 2 tickets for the subway fall out of the paper and I hold them up "Do you think
we should go"
"Was it fun growing up with dad" I ask the words tumbling out my mouth without permission. We've
been sitting in the subway for about 10 minutes and I'm bored. "I never understood if he left you
behind because he didn't love you or because he did. When we travelled we weren't tourists we
were fugitives." He's silent for a moment lost in thought. For once I'm quiet too wrapped up in
memories. When I was seven and Eva and I were playing one of my favourite games, we were
super-secret spies and the baddies were going to get us. I had to stay lookout. Sometimes we'd
have to drop our shopping and run home, other times I was to hide. Was it something more than a
game? Maybe a way to protect me. I'm ruminating on this when Alex starts to speak "He had a
theory you know. Dad. He thought we were all made out of stars" he pauses slightly "That they were
always watching us. " I think of years wishing on airplanes for my dad to come home "The stars never

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Aleesha Hussain
The unexpected
last, they fade whenever the sun comes too close." Alex shakes his head "I think that shows courage.
They are at home in a midnight kingdom. They have numbers and beauty, but the sun is brighter and
they know they won't win. But still they continue on their voyage." The train lurches to a stop and we
clamber out. Alex looks around "I'll be a few minutes. Just wait here." I nod silently.…read more

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Aleesha Hussain
The unexpected
Let's start with a new beginning
"So" Alex says, not bothering with hellos "The whole thing with pasty face what was it?" Wait a
minute, pasty face. That's my name. He copied me. Wait. That's not bad actually; I could train the boy
to be my evil apprentice. Anyway "Okay. Your father and I are Halflings. And you are too.…read more


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