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Unit 1.2 ­ Ultrastructure of Cells

The ultrastructure of a cell can only be seen through an electron microscope.

Eukaryotic cells have internal cell membranes. Many organelles are membrane bound. This
is to divide the labour; each membrane bound organelle has a function. This is called

Membranes are essential…

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1. Have a small & large sub unit made up of RNA and protein.
2. Important in protein synthesis
3. Can be free in cytoplasm or attached to the RER.

Golgi Body

1. Stack of flattened sacs
2. Vesicles bud off the SER and break down to form Golgi…

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Cell Wall

1. Made of cellulose
2. Gives strength and support
3. Allows water in and out as a fixed shape


1. Tiny pores between neighbouring cells
2. Link cells
3. Contain ER enabling movement of material between cells


1. Surrounded by a membrane called the tonoplast


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