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The UK USA and Australia
Characteristics of the USA

The USA is a powerful, relatively young nation.
Over the past 250 years the USA has been a 'land of opportunity' for countless immigrants.
The country has a belief in individualism where each person is responsible for their own

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there were no generally accepted rules e.g. some allowed running with the ball whilst others


In the early days of the sport, serious injury and death were not uncommon as players wore
very little protective clothing. Characteristics of toughness, endeavour and courage which
were needed to be successful…

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Influence of sport came from public sports
Class system determined privilege in sport and lifestyle
Society - A community of people bound together by similar traditions
Cultural - The traditions, beliefs, customs, practices and social behaviour of a particular
Athleticism - Physical endeavour with moral integrity. This means…

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New culture
Privilege was not a feature of society - Didn't have a class structure (land of the fair go)
Sports from UK were adopted by Australia
Part of the empire - UK was the motherland, was part of British empire (criminals)
Victory against UK is significant (national progress)…

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Strategies to promote sport participation

Primary and High schools - Sport taught to the highest quality in primary and high schools.
Co-ordinate national inter-school competition
School sport network - agency for teachers involved in sports - encouraging and preparing
young children for an active lifestyle
Junior sport programmes - Modify…


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