The Treaty of Friendship

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The Treaty of Friendship, 1950
Reasons for the Treaty of Friendship
· China had just set itself up, and needed economic aid to
ensure survival and to do basic things like setting up a
government and a currency. However, no other country
would aid them other then the Soviets as they were now
Communist. Thus, they did this to receive aid.
· National security. As China had only established itself, it
would not be ready if another country attacked it. Thus, the
USSR could provide it military assistance is needed.
· Expand influence in this area. This was mutually beneficial
for the USSR, as it could have influence in Asia, like the US
with Japan, and use China to trade, as China had many
natural resources.
Terms of the Treaty of Friendship:
· $300 million dollars in credits- to be paid back
· Help in developing industry- metal plants
· Help in armed forces, eg the air force
· Prevented from having Mongolia
· Allowed Manchuria, but no non Soviets permitted
· Disallowed them helping the Vietminh in Vietnam
· Prevented them from regaining Taiwan, Quemoy and Matsu
· Demonstrated their "junior partnership"
· Soviet military assistance if China was attacked


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