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Millie Rollason Home Rule Questions


What was the Parliament Act of August 1911?
Note: O'Farrell and Foster saw that Redmond was unable to influence the Liberals, but O'Leary and
Maume disagreed, looking to the Lord's reform of evidence that he was quite powerful. Others

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Millie Rollason Home Rule Questions

Why did many Catholics want to stay part of the British Empire?
Being part of the union had its benefits, for trade for example.

What were the main reasons for Unionist opposition to Home Rule in 1912?
Leaders of the Irish unionist resistance ­ Sir…

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Millie Rollason Home Rule Questions

It meant that the Liberals had to rely on the Irish Nationalists and Labour in order for
Asquith to stay in power.
The Lords also accepted the Liberals authority and therefore passed the budget.

How did Unionist opposition tactics change from 1912?
Became a provocative…

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Millie Rollason Home Rule Questions

24-25 April, the UVF defied the ban on importing arms and obtained 35,000 rifles and
five million rounds of ammunition from Germany and was quietly distributed throughout
the province.
o Strengthened the UVF
o But, such violence could be less popular towards the British public...…


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