The third Five year Plan- AS Russian history Edexcel

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The Third Five Year Plan
Consumer goods still suffering
Inefficient& little coordination
Achieved its priorities especially concerning defence
Heavy industry
Creation of a war economy
By 1940 gov investment into army doubled since 1937
1939- GOSPLAN ordered construction 9 new aircraft factories
Production rose especially in coal which increase from 128million to 166 million in 3 years
Rapid social advancement- agricultural changes-social upheaval
Internal passports in 1940 to make sure factories were guaranteed a stable supply of
Limited time peasants could devote to their private land= make sure farm more for the state
Lack of consumer goods= no funds gained from that to spend in defence
Production rose BUT unusable mostly
Production of steel stagnated
Factories would not guarantee that they would be able to recruit or retrain labour
Administration complicated by purges- removal/ execution of many experienced industrial
Terror used to motivate meeting targets
Removed moderate group in Politburo BUT their ideas were usually more creative


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