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Between 1949-61 approx. 2.7 million E.Germans fled to West most of them using
Berlin as a route outThis embarrassed Moscow and undermined its legitimacy
13th August 1961-Led to construction of Berlin Wall
1950's and 60's USSR was still able to exercise their power over Finland…

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September-`Domino Theory' promoted formation of SEATO (South East Asian Treat
Organisation), a military alliance between US and countries of SE Asia

14th May Warsaw Pact-formation of Pact was driven by the USSR's desire to
dominate central and Eastern Europe, wanted to spread his Communist and Social
ideals over a…

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There was a bloody coup that toppled the pro-Western government of Iraq. This led
to a dispatch of US marines in Lebanon
23rd August-Mao's forces started shelling the offshore islands of Quemoy and Mats
in the Taiwan Strait. These islands had been claimed by Chiang Kaishek's nationalist
forces after he…


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