The Tempest Key Quotes

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1. "By sorcery he got this isle"- Caliban
2. "Insolent noisemaker"- Antonio
3. "Out of our way I say"- Boatswain
4. "Brave vessel that no doubt has some noble creature in her"-Miranda
5. "Your tale, sir, could cure deafness"-Miranda
6. "Dos't thou attend me?"-Prospero
7. "Industrious servant"-Prospero
8. "So perfect and so peerless"- Ferdinand
9. "Goddess!"- Ferdinand
10. "Poisonous slave"
11. "The poor monster's my subject and he shall not suffer indignity"- Stephano
12. "Full fathom five thy father lies, of his bones are coral made, those are pearls that were his
eyes, nothing of him that doth fade, but doth suffer a sea change, into something rich and
strange, sea nymphs hourly ring his knell hark, I hear them ding dong bell"- Ariel
13. "Poor worm, thou art infected"-Prospero
14. "How cams't you to be the siege of this moon calf?"- Stephano
15. "Strange fish"
16. "can he vent Trinculos?- Stephano
17. "New master...freedom"- Caliban
18. "Be not afeared, the isle is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs, a thousand twangling
instruments do hum about mine ears"- Caliban
19. "Adders... do hiss me into madness"-Caliban
20. "A plague upon the tyrant that I serve"- Caliban
21. "Make him by inch-meal a disease"- Caliban
22. "Freckled whelp, hag-born...not honoured with a human shape."- Prospero
23. "If I was a god of power, I would have sunk the sea"- Miranda
24. "You could wrangle a thousand kingdoms and I would call it fair play"- Miranda
25. "Sweet marriage"- Antonio?????
26. "Contract of true love"- Iris
27. "Break my staff... i'll drown my books"- Prospero
28. "Let them be hunted soundly"- Prospero
29. "you have made me mad"- Ariel
30. "How beauteous mankind is"- Miranda
31. "Never before saw I him so distempered"- Miranda
32. "You demi- puppets"- Prospero
33. "Brine pits, fresh springs, barren place and fertile"- Caliban
34. "I will dig thee pig nuts"- Caliban
35. "We are such stuff as dreams are made on"- Prospero
36. "Thou shalt have freedom"- Prospero
37. "I am all the subjects that you have"- Caliban
38. "All prisoners, sir"- Ariel
39. "I must obey, his art is of such power"-Caliban
40. "I cried to dream again"- Caliban
41. "I ratify this rich gift, worthily purchased"


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