The Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam Conferences

A few key facts about the agreements and disagreements made at the first three conferences between the superpowers.

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The Teheran Conference, November 1943
They agreed (4):
The USA and Britain agreed to open up a second front by invading France in May 1944.
The Soviet Union was to wage war against Japan once Germany had been defeated.
A United Nations organisation was to be set up after the war.
An area of eastern Poland would be added to the Soviet Union (at the insistence of Stalin).
The Yalta Conference, February 1945
They agreed (6):
The Soviet Union would wage war against Japan once Germany had surrendered.
Germany and Berlin would be divided into four zones (American, British, Soviet and
To hunt down and try Nazi war criminals.
Liberated countries would be allowed to have free elections.
To take part in the United Nations organisation to maintain peace.
That Eastern Europe would be a `sphere of Soviet influence'.
They disagreed (2):
On how much Germany was to pay in reparations. Stalin wanted a much higher figure and
the decision was delayed until the next meeting.
Over Poland: Stalin wanted the Polish/German border to be moved further west. He also
wanted a `friendly' Polish government for protection from Germany. The USA and Britain
feared that this would be a Soviet controlled government so they persuaded Stalin to allow
free elections.
The Potsdam Conference, July 1945
They agreed (7):
To divide Germany and Berlin as previously agreed.
To demilitarise Germany.
To reestablish democracy within Germany.
To ban the Nazi Party.
That Germany was to pay reparations to the Allies in equipment and materials. Most of this
went to the S.U. as they had lost the most.
Poland's frontier was to be moved westwards.
To participate fully in the United Nations organisation.
They disagreed (2):
Over Germany ­ Stalin wanted Germany to suffer and to completely disable them so that
the Soviet Union would be protected from future attacks. Truman didn't want a repeat of
the Treaty of Versailles.
About free elections ­ Truman wanted Eastern Europe (countries occupied by Soviet
troops) to have free elections. Stalin refused.


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