The Systems Lifecycle, A2

Revision notes on the systems life-cycle for AS Computing.

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H.Hales Business information systems ­ unit 3
The Systems Lifecycle
The following diagram shows the stages of the systems lifecycle:
Feasibility Study ­ The system analyst will have looked at the present system the
organisation currently has in place and look where improvements need to be made,
they will look at whether it is technically and economically feasible, they will see if the
technology is available and also whether the costs of producing the new system are
realistic, and that the benefits of the new system are going to justify the costs for
development. These findings will finally be written up into a report and will then be
passed on to the company.
This stage is important for organisations because there would be no point in going
ahead with the project if it is not feasible, because what would the point be in building
a new system which could cost the company lots of money if it is not much different
to the current system. This stage decides whether the new system is going to
produce a better outcome for the business and also whether it is going to be
financially feasible.
Analysis For this part of the system's lifecycle the job will be to find out what the
new computer system will be used for and whether the new system is needed at all.
The actions that might take place for example are observing staff work, interviewing
staff about their jobs, sending out questionnaires to employees and also inspecting
documents. The end result of this stage will be to have the requirement specification
written up.
This stage will be an important stage for the organisation, because this is the stage
where the company find out whether the computer system is needed and will produce
good outcomes. It is also an important stage because the Systems Analyst will have
to make sure that he knows fully how the current system works.

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H.Hales Business information systems ­ unit 3
The Systems Lifecycle
Design This will be the stage where the new system will be written up and will
include the input, output, files, hardware, software and database within it. The
designer will decide which data is required and the structure of it, also the devices
and the media that will be required to store them.…read more

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H.Hales Business information systems ­ unit 3
The Systems Lifecycle
come back and check the system annually even if there aren't any problems, jus to
perhaps check that everything is running correctly and to its best.…read more


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