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Mathematics (Specification A)


Edexcel IGCSE in Mathematics (Specification A)
First examination 2011

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Edexcel, a Pearson company, is the UK's largest awarding body, offering academic and
vocational qualifications and testing to more than 25,000 schools, colleges, employers and other
places of learning in the UK and in over 100 countries worldwide. Qualifications include GCSE,
AS and A Level, NVQ and our BTEC suite…

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The Edexcel International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Mathematics
(Specification A) is designed for use in schools and colleges. It is part of a suite of IGCSE
qualifications offered by Edexcel.

Key subject aims
The Edexcel IGCSE in Mathematics (Specification A) qualification enables students to:
· develop…

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About this specification

Key features and benefits of the specification
The Edexcel IGCSE in Mathematics (Specification A) has been developed to focus on:
· tiers of entry that allow students to be entered for the appropriate level
· questions designed to be accessible to students of all abilities within that…

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Specification at a glance 1
External assessment 2
Calculators 3

Qualification content 5
Knowledge, skills and understanding 5
Papers 1F and 2F (Foundation Tier) 7
Papers 3H and 4H (Higher Tier) 21

Assessment 31
Assessment summary 31
Assessment Objectives and weightings 31
Relationship of Assessment Objectives to Papers for…

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Specification at a glance
This Edexcel IGCSE qualification is comprised of two externally assessed papers.
Students are entered at either Foundation Tier or Higher Tier.
Foundation Tier students will take papers 1F and 2F. Questions in the Foundation Tier paper are
targeted at grades in the range C ­ G.…

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Higher Tier Paper code: 4MA0/3H and 4MA0/4H
· Externally assessed Each paper is
50% of the total
· Availability: January and June series
IGCSE marks
· First assessment: June 2011
· Two papers: 3H and 4H
Overview of content
· Number
· Algebra
· Geometry
· Statistics
Overview of assessment…

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Students will be expected to have access to a suitable electronic calculator for all examination
The electronic calculator to be used by students attempting Foundation Tier examination papers
(1F and 2F) should have these functions as a minimum:

· +, -, ×, ÷, x 2, x, memory,…

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4 Specification ­ Edexcel IGCSE in Mathematics (Specification A) (4MA0)
­ Issue 1 ­ September 2008 © Edexcel Limited 2008


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