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key images in the sun rising

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The Sun Rising
(5)Purposeful discussion of key images and other poetic devices related to the theme ­ love - (provide
examples) and how these relate to the play.
Key Images
The couple are lying in bed and the sun is rising. This relates to the theme as this scene is rather sexual as
the couple do not want to be disturbed whilst they are in bed.
The strength of love is shown because the writer does not want to be interrupted by the sun, bringing
daylight. Once it is daylight people must get up and do their chores, but the writer does not want this so
he scolds the sun. In Romeo and Juliet, the Montague and Capulet families cause the interruptions due to
the family feud. In the poem, the sun is interrupting the lovers.
The writer warns the sun and tells him to call the `courts-huntsmen' to tell the people that `the king will
ride' implying that the writer wants the sun to go to any length to let them be alone. This is because
many people will flock to see the king and then there will be no one left to disturb the lovers.
The strength of Romeo and Juliet's love is shown by the number of risks they took to be together and
how they took their life for each other, showing their inability to be separated.
The writer is asking for help in two ways. The writer wants the sun to go and tell people to go and
harvest their crops. He wants the sun to go and help in issues that are much more important as the crops
need the sun more than the lovers do. A season is set shown by the idea of harvesting crops which is
usually done in summer time. He uses `country ants' to show how hardworking and determined the
people are implying that they will definitely go when they see the sun. Ants travel in colonies so many
people will go at once leaving the lovers at peace.
In Romeo and Juliet, the couple also ask for help from two people. These people are Friar Lawrence and
the nurse. They asked the nurse to help them carry out their marriage and to somehow let Romeo into
Juliet's bedroom on the night of their marriage. Friar Lawrence conducted the marriage himself and
helped Juliet escape the clutches of Paris by giving her a special sleeping potion and to be with Romeo
The writer tries to imply that he is more eminent than the sun as he questions why he thinks that his
`beams' are `so reverend, and strong'. From this, we can visualise that the sun's rays are very bright and
strong. The writer opposes the sun's beams by suggesting that he can close his eyes and block out all
light from the sun so the sun should not think that he is that strong. However, he does not want to close
his eyes because he feels that if he does he will lose sight of his beloved.
In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo wanted to get rid of the moon by calling the sun to eliminate it `Arise fair sun
and kill the envious moon.' In this extract the writer is saying that he will be able to eliminate the sun by
closing his eyes. In both the poem and the play there is a character who wants to eliminate something in
order to get their love and these both are linked to astronomy. Romeo also says `Juliet is the sun!'
The writer uses a conceit when he makes an extreme comparison of his lover being the treasures of India
as he asks the sun if the jewels are where the sun left them or if they are with the writer in bed. He also

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In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo also makes comparisons such as comparing Juliet to the moon and saying that
she is the sun. Romeo mainly compares Juliet to things that emit light. This is similar to the poem the
writer compares his lover to precious things too.
Donne highlights his extent of love for his partner. He compares her to `all states' and `all princes',
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