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The Succession Issue


Sets up heir and the idea of inherited power (Livia makes it harder)

Initially sets up Gaius and Lucius
Suet ­
Copy his handwriting
Taught them to read and swim
Didn't go far without them with him
Rode in carriages alongside him
Gave Gaius consulship before…

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Incredibly short reign ­ no time to set up an heir
Was popular at the start of his reign which made him arrogant
"vows were made for his safe return; every person emulously testifying their
care and concern for his safety" Suet ­ Caligula was incredibly popular after

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Set up a new dynasty ­ hereditary power
Sets up Flavian dynasty with son Titus as his heir
-Clever in getting other people including Titus to do his dirty work ­ preventing
opposition towards him
"dictated letters, wrote proclamations in his father's name, and pronounced his
speeches in the…

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2. Intro

Paragraph 1:
Augustus (set up of hereditary power)

Paragraph 2:
Success of Claudius and Tiberius (maintaining family power)

Paragraph 3:
Failure of Caligula and Nero (link to personality of the emperor)

Paragraph 4:
Success of Vespasian (with links to change and continuity)


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