The success of all factors in the European Reformation

A word document with tables weighing up the success of factors in the European Reformation and why-

New orders success,

Lutheranism success,

Calvinism success,

Anabaptism success,

Jesuit success and

Council of Trent success

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Lutheran success?
Success Not Success
Social uprisings as a result of social
unrest highlighted by Luther
Began the reformation and stopped
Increased awareness of churches
Lutheranism spread
Charles V away
Church was openly corrupt
Development of the printing press at time
Good at preaching
Related to the working class with ideas
Movement of people like merchants to spread message
Support of princes
Calvinism success?
Success Not Success
International appeal traveled to
France and Scotland- many groups
now are Calvinists
Geneva became a theocracy
Exposure of Geneva to protestant ideas through Farrell
Not very strong religion before
Genevian academy- missionaries
Calvin very organized
Anabaptism success?
Success Not Success
Still strands of Anabaptists now in Little support or converts
Little organization
No support from others
Active in the peasant's war so disliked
Catholics and Protestants hated them
No organization
Jesuit success?
Success Not Success
Still Jesuit communities today Loyola's Ideals were not carried out
very often

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Different, more effective methods Some Jesuits were uncontrollable
such as building up
relationship-converted more
Many high officials liked the Jesuits- Protestants and Calvinists disliked
the support of nobility was key them and accused them of
brainwashing- Due to one on one
Established best schools- Taught Did not convert that many people-
nobility children, influential and Missionaries such as Xavier not
taught missionaries that good
Kept Catholics catholic-Key for Many historians exaggerate
catholic church
Reformation success?
Success Not Success
The organization of the church…read more


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