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The subjunctive French
When to use it
It is used in situations that use/to express doubt, e.g. I don't believe he's guilty
How to form it
Take the `ils' form of the present tense (3rd person plural), remove the ent and add the following:
I = e
You = es
He/she/it = e
We = ions
You = iez
They = ent
e.g. Donner = ils donnent = je donne
Finir = ils finissent = je finisse
Vendre = ils vendent = je vende
Faire = je fasse
Aller = j'aille
Vouloir = je veuille, nous voulions, vous vouliez, the rest follow the normal pattern
Savoir = je sache
Etre = je sois, nous soyons, vous soyez, the rest follow the normal pattern
Avoir = j'aie, il ait, nous ayons, vous ayez, the rest follow the normal pattern
Pouvoir = je puisse
Falloir (il faut) = il faille


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