The stages of Mitosis

Outlining the stages of mitosis with all the key information which happens in each of them.

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Stages of Mitosis
DNA and organelles replicated
Chromosomes condense and become visible
Centrioles (which form spindle fibres) move to opposite ends of the cell
Nuclear envelope breaks down
Chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell
They become attached to spindle fibres by their centromere
Chromatid pairs are separated by spindle fibre action and are pulled to
opposite ends of the cell
When chromatids react opposite ends of the cell, they uncoil and become
invisible again
Nuclear envelope reforms
Cytoplasm divides, creating two daughter cells with identical
chromosomes as the parent cell
The stages of mitosis can be remembered by the phrase:
"Please make another two" (prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase)

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