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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes

Topic 6: Infection, Immunity and Forensics
14. Distinguish between the roles of B cells (including
B memory and B effector cells) and T cells (T helper, T
killer and T memory cells) in the body's immune
The immune system is the specific response of…

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes

B cells
B cells are lymphocytes that play a large role in the humoral immune response. The principal
functions of B cells are to make antibodies against antigens, perform the role of APCs and eventually
develop into memory B cells after activation by antigen interaction.…

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes

The humoral response of the immune system consists of two main stages: the T helper activation
stage and the effector stage.

A pathogen enters the body and is brought into contact with macrophages where it is engulfed by

The macrophage presents the antigens from…


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