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The 'Spartacist Uprising'

In Berlin in early January, there existed a state of crisis. The three USPD ministers had
just resigned from the government. Fears of a coup had begun to circulate, the
campaign by the extreme right against the Spartacists was in full swing, and an
anxious and frustrated…

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permanent session, but without plans or detailed strategy of how their aims could be

The workers not only occupied the Vorwaerts and the press quarters, but also the Reich
printing office, the railway headquarters, food warehouses and other buildings. Even
the Reichstag was occupied for a brief period. Noske…

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The Revolution Committee
The leaders of the USPD and the KPD soon decided to support the actions of the workers. They
appealed for a general strike in Berlin on January 7, which garnered about 500,000 people, who
surged into downtown Berlin that weekend. In the following two days, however, the…


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