The Song for The Carbon Cycle

A song me and my friends made to help us learn the carbon cycle.

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The Carbon Cycle Song
By Martha Brown
(Sang to the Tune of Wiggly Worm)
Plants take carbon dioxide
And they use it to photosynthesise.
The plants die and the carbon dioxide
Is released into the atmosphere
Some plants get munched and crunched and chewed
By animals and they respire,
This releases carbon dioxide
Back into the atmosphere
There's a worm at the bottom of the garden
And dead plants are his food
He eats them and the plants decompose
And the CO2 is given back
The dying plants give off great gas
And contribute to the air we breathe
Finally the CO2 is back
And atmosphere is glad.
Of course there are other contributions
To the carbon cycle too
Things like fossil fuels and burning trees
All release into our atmosphere
We chop down trees and burn our coal
And this releases CO2
This is the story of our cycle

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