The social distribution of crime

age and crim e

gender and crime

ethnicity and crim e

social class and crime

locality and crim e

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Social distribution of crime
Age and crime
Younger people, young men more likely
Why? Subcultual influences, peer group pressure, gang culture Cohen, laddish behaviour
Gender and crime
More men than women
Why? Gender socialization processes, opportunities to become involved, chivalry factor
However number of women is increasing
Why? Changes in social position, similar opps. Shifts in attitudes- more equal, less chivalry
Ethnicity and crime
Over represented in prison relative to proportion in pop
Black people= 5x as likely as white to be in prison
Why? Crime stats exaggerated-institutional racism. Bias within criminal justice system
Social class and crime
Working class over represented in prison
Why? Fewer opps, more like to turn to crime. Working class sub cultures achieve status
through crime. Or bias within criminal justice system- e.g benefit fraud is seen as worse than
white collar crime
Locality and crime
Crime rate= higher in urban areas and most deprived areas
Why? Higher levels of unemployment and poverty, more opportunities or difference s in
policing levels and methods between urban and rural areas


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