The social construction of age (family and households)

These notes are ones that I made for my exam, and really helped me revise and get the top grades.

They include everything that the exam board asks for in term of the specification,and are orgainised in a way that will make revision easier, including large bold headings. And they're done in colour! Added bonus! whoop whoop!

I hope they help y'all, and good luck :D

P.s.These notes may contain some minor grammatical errors like spelling misakes, but all information is correct.

P.p.s. I sat the exam in June 2013 btw

Feel free to check out my other sociology notes, aswell as my psychology ones :D

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The social construction
Of age
AS Sociology
Unit 1:
Families and Households
Hira & Sabaat…read more

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What is
Prejudice or
discrimination on
the basis of a
person's age.…read more

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The impact an ageing
population has on our society
· Over the next half century the proportion of people
aged 60-plus around the world is expected to more
than double. By 2050, for the first time in human
history, old people will outnumber children on the
· The problem is older people depend on younger ones,
not only for care and support but also for the economic
productivity that ensures pensions can be paid and
health and social costs met. This means that the
younger generation would have to pay for their nursing
and health care costs.…read more

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The changes in pension age and the
Impact this has on people and society.
· The state pension age is 65. However it is on the rise,
and this is mainly linked to the increase in life
· This means that women and men would have to work
longer before they can retire, and receive pension.
· The State pension age will then increase to 66 for both
men and women from December 2018 to October 2020,
if they are born after 5 October 1954.
· The state pension age is rising, and due to this it's
predicted that the younger generation will have to work
even longer, until they receive their state pension. This
rise could see it hit 73 for todays 33 year olds, and 77 for
those currently taking their A-levels.…read more

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The concerns society has about
an ageing population.
1. Increase in the dependency ratio. This means that there will be
more people claiming benefits such as state pensions and less
people working and paying income taxes
2. Increased government spending on health care and pensions.
Also, those in retirement tend to pay lower income taxes because
they are not working.
3. Those in work may have to pay higher taxes. This could create
disincentives to work and disincentives for firms to invest, therefore
there could be a fall in productivity and growth.
4. Shortage of workers. An ageing population could lead to a
shortage of workers and hence push up wages causing wage
inflation. Alternatively, firms may have to respond by encouraging
more people to enter the workforce, through offering flexible
working practices.
5. Changing sectors within the economy. An increase in the numbers
of retired people will create a bigger market for goods and services
linked to older people (e.g. retirement homes)…read more

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The positive role pensioners and
elderly people play in our society.
· Older people are wiser and more
experienced in many areas, compared to
the younger generation who've just `left
the nest', and so society can benefit from
the wisdom.
· They give us an insight on the past, and
what we can learn from it.…read more

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