The Snow Child

Short Summary, quotes and points to think about.

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The Snow Child
A count and his wife are going riding and the count says that he desired a child
with certain qualities, this child is then presented to the count, and he takes
her with him, the countess gets very jealous of the child and continues to ask
her to do things for like in order to get rid of her, but non work as the count
stops her from doing them. The girl dies after having going to get a rose for
the countess, the count then has sex with his dead child and all the clothes
which he put on the girl go back to the wife. The wife then reaches over to
get the rose and is pricked.
He on a grey mare and she a black
A girl as white as snow
A girl as red as blood
I wish I had a girl as black as that bird's feather
She was the child of his desire and the countess hated her
How shall I be rid of her?
I'll buy you new gloves
The furs sprang off the countess's shoulder and twined round the naked girl
Her boots leapt off the countess feet and on to the girl's legs
Countess was bare as a bone and the girl furred
The count felt sorry for his wife
Girl picks a rose; pricks her finger on the thorn; bleed; screams; falls
Thrust his virile member into the dead girl
Reined in her stamping mare
Watched him narrowly; he was soon finished
Countess had all her clothes on again
She dropped it "it bites"
Possible Question topics and bullet point answer
Why those qualities?
Seen as beauty by the count, though if this is so then a description of
the countess to match could show if he was truly after a child of that
appearance or a wife and his current does not match his deep desires
The use of colour

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Black, red, white and grey all important to consider as all have a
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