The secret to getting the right answer to the first mcq, Works every time!

I have made this technique to help myself and other students who fail to memorise this, and this is usually the case with most students. I have choosen this question because this is the most predictable question on the mcq sheet, which everyone knows and fears will come.

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The first question for physics higher mcq would most likely be related to scalar and vector, so i have
devised a way of making things easier for students, who find it hard to memorize what quantities are
in these two.
In order to solve the question, draw the table on the rough sheet that is given to you.
Memoriese the whole table
Dont get confused by the way it is displayed, sometimes it maybe beside it each other by the help of
Example: momentum;force
TIP: in order to remember the table, memorise the opposites which relate to one another.
Scalar Vector
Distance Displacement
Speed Velocity
Time Momentum
Energy Impulse
Mass Force
Weight Acceleration
The scalar will always have more quantities.
Im sure this will help all the students get that one precious mark that they need and a good way to
kick start their exam! Goodluck and study well.


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