The Secret Scripture

Chapter summaries with the plot, key characters, themes, quotations and narrative methods. (chapters 1-22)

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Chapter Plot Themes Characters Aspects of Narrative Quotations
1 R talks about her words on death after Birth Roseanne Flashback of past and piano "with every death it ends" like the rats,
(3-14) her father's words on life. We are Death/ Mother sessions her mother, her father and the
introduced to R's parents. Sligo town and Graveyard Father Character destruction of the clock
Roscommon are introduced alongside Dr River Dr Grene R's voice: first person "honest-minded history of myself"
Grene. R talks about her life with her Childhood narrative "song-less robin"
father and the musical sessions with him. Coldness Future accomplishments: R "singer that could not be silenced"
R's father is shown as a hero in her eyes. Cleanliness wants to be able to "strange privacy"
New morn complete her memoir. "Father's happiness" repeated a lot,
Religion Character profiles of her symbolic?
Concept of parents
narrowness Religious references
Heroism Mystery of R's father
Music Memoir/ Opinion
Role-models Setting :at home
2 DG mentions building being in terrible Aging Roseanne DG's voice "She has been a own history,
(15-23) condition and the asylum closing down. R Destruction Father R's voice my own life" foreshadows
expresses her love for her father more Fear of Dr Grene Dialogue accomplishment
and talks about how secrets are burdens. loneliness Present tense "soul was previously weightless now is a
We also are opened to the mystery of Death Being content (through secret and a ruinous burden at the very
Eneas McNulty. Beauty language) heart"
Treasure Language: Natural imagery "feathers are drifting away"
Religion Structure: Flashbacks
Freedom R's view on freedom
(feathers let loose)
Setting: Asylum/ Graveyard
3 R informs the readers about what she has Death Dr Grene R's voice "As if in reaching this room I have found
(24-30) and what will happen after she dies. R DG's voice Roseanne Setting :Asylum the anteroom to Paradise and soon will
and DG discuss about discharging R from Work Form of a memoir find it opening"
Freedom Character

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the asylum and then we get to know R's Dialogue (conversations) "you have been here these many years, I
view of DG. Dual narrative of R and DG should think maybe even so"
4 R and JK engage in conversation and JK + R's John Kane R's voice "old old woman... slow slight tears"
(31-44) exchange robin eggs. R's age is relationship Willie Dialogue ­R + JK "never new dust"
emphasised through flashbacks.…read more

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conversation with her father about Religion R's viewpoint- thought her "...what the `oh' signified, neither of us
Lavelle. R then mentions her mother and Truth father was miserable know" her personal life (her family)
how perfect she was; R's religious Masculinity Flashback of Willie's death had mystery within it as well as the
associations are highlighted. Motherhood Use of language List of outside (lives of others such as Fr Gaunt).…read more

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married to him (even though he's a Love Roseanne Setting: Sligo town/Ireland her fate at this point is uncontrollable as
50-year-old) and he brings the proposal Intimacy Mr Comparison: "mourners are her father is dead and her mother is in
in the form of "gifts." Bet and DG share Innocence Pine-Carpen like Canute's Sea" evident agony. However, R contradicts
an intimate moment. R summarises how Fate ter Alliteration: "deep, dark" this and rejects JB's proposal.…read more

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(131-143 her father-in-law. R tucks her mother into Being a Billy Mayerl R's voice "look under the loose board" to find
) bed after her father's death. R tells her stranger Quaker Flashbacks her recounts
story to Mrs Prunty.…read more

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after reading his deposition more and Music Roseanne Dialogue
more. DG finds that R's father was an WW1 fighters Father
alcoholic and also doubts Fr Gaunt as to Omniscience Willie
how he knows all the details. DG doesn't Forgiveness Lavelle
know whether he should assert R as mad Eneas
or send her out to the real world. R then McNulty
discusses her life with Tom and the Joseph
whereabouts of Eneas McNulty.…read more

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while before being caught by FG who
assumes that they were both being
unfaithful. R goes home and explains
how Tom frightens her. R is left in the hut.
17 R is still in the hut two days later without Restriction Roseanne R's voice "as long as you had the was
(211-223 food and using the toilet. R decides to go Condemning Fr Gaunt FG voice and Jack bigger than religion" The plaza maybe
) to The Plaza.…read more

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he talks to her about his death sentence. Elevation (planes) Symbolism of lacking in "taken the oxygen out of the Sligo air"
R learns of the hospital/asylum's (planes) basics such as air Symbolic? Unable to breathe? Is R feeling
demolition. She then re-reads her papers Demolition Dialogue suffocated in Sligo?
and reflects on her life realising that she Reflection of Mistaken Identity "his leg was very warm against my leg...…read more

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21 DG visits Sligo Asylum where R was Grief Dr Grene DG's voice "professional man though I am"
(279-306 before Roscommon to find out more Discovery Roseanne Setting: Sligo Town/ Sligo Workaholic DG
) about R's past. DG gets Percy Quinn's Climax Fr Gaunt Mental Hospital/ Leitrim/ DG feels "privilege" whilst reading R's
information.…read more

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watches old building being blown up and Angellic Percy Quinn Dialogue "stealing something that didn't belong to
"angel" JK. DG goes to Sligo to see Percy Emotions Bet R maybe died? me" R didn't belong to him, he never
Quinn and tells him that R is his mother Overgrown Dr Wynn had her as a mother in his life although
but not of his feelings. DG goes to Past they had a connection.…read more



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